I'm Danielle and I am the author of ADHD Gives Me Superpowers!

I have been working with children with special needs for nearly 2 decades and love helping them learn and grow.  

This book is a stepping stone to honour people with differing abilities and let them and their families know they are not alone.   

I would also like to acknowledge the land on which I live being on the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta, home of the Blackfoot Confederacy, the Tsuut'ina First Nation and the Stoney Nakota Nation as well as Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3 

A little bit about the story...

ADHD Gives Me Superpowers is a fictional story of a young boy who has ADHD and is proud of it.  He shares the strengths that come with the diagnosis, like great observation skills, creativity and the ability to think outside the box.  He explains that there are also areas he requires support with, like cooperating with his friends, coping with his big emotions and focusing.  He gives strategies for families to try at home to help support and develop their own skills. 

Let's take a look inside...


A beautifully written book, highlighting the strengths that come with an ADHD diagnosis! An informative read for parents and an engaging book for children to learn more about ADHD.  I highly recommend this book not only for children and their families, but also for all early learning classrooms!

- J. Barrett

ADHD Gives Me Superpowers is an amazing read-together book that adults and children can share.  It is a resource that gives insight into navigating the world of ADHD and offers perspective into ways we a make our environments more inclusive.  This book offers children the opportunity to build their "tool boxes" and give them permission to be who they were meant to be.  

- Shannon Jensen

This book is an asset to all elementary school educators.  The descriptive writing and attention to detail not only capture the experience of ADHD from a child's perspective, but also open the minds of those who work and play with children like Seeley.  It is heartwarming to read the words of a young boy who celebrates the strengths and advantages that come with his ADHD.  I am looking forward to reading future works by this author.

- Cara, M, Ed. ECE

A little more info...

Engaging with the book

The way you engage with this book will vary depending on the attention span of the person reading it.  Due to the nature of ADHD, many children do not have the attention span to read the entire book at once.  Feel free to read a few pages at a time and come back to it when they are ready.  If the person loves books or has a great attention span, read away!!

Interesting fact: There is an interactive spot the difference activity within the book.  

Why I wrote it

I wrote this book to help people with ADHD feel good about themselves as well as increase their knowledge of basic strategies that have helped kids I have worked with in the past.  I want people to know that having a disorder does not mean there is anything wrong with them, it's simply a different, and often more interesting way of engaging with the world.  

Questions... comments?
Feel free to contact me!

I look forward to interacting with you and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.  I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.  I will treat you with respect in all communications and expect the same in return.